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VlogCast Domination

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Combine the Rich SE spider food of Blogs with the Power of Video and Podcasting and See your Marketing Caldron EXPLODE!

You already know about the massive traffic a blog can attract with bakery fresh content that Search Engine spiders love – well combine that with the ever increasing popularity of podcasting as well as the huge market that is Video and you have the killer combination to explode your marketing success into orbit!

  • Business Blogging is now a ‘must have’ online business tool – if your website doesn’t have a blog, move fast and get one now!
  • Podcasting gives people to convience of using deadtime in the car, on the train, jogging in the park to catch up with audio information
  • Over 50% of Internet Traffic is video based! Conversions are much higher, prospects spend more time looking at your message and commissions come in more rapidly

Every expert in this Vlogcast Profit Building Audio Series outlines reveals their successful strategy that you can replicate.

There is no better time to start Vlogcasting: –

  • Podcasting will reach over 70 million people and advertisers will spend over $300 million dollars to reach them
  • The podcasting audience think in a different way – so check out what you need to do by listening to the Scott Paton interview to land a ton of prospects at your door!
  • Users can access your video content anywhere! – ipods, cell phones, laptops..!
  • Check out Mike Koenigs 10x10x4 formula for instant Video success!
  • Find out how Yaro Starak built his massive Blogging Empire combining all these techniques

You too can combine all these killer strategies to blast a hole in the web 2.0 wall and give your business another step up the new media ladder because in todays Internet you have to be cutting edge!!!

Don’t leave it until you’re the only business in town without a blog or news information channel to connect with your audience! Blogging has already been around since year dot on the internet and you know the economy is in a sserious dip right now so do your business a favor and start dusting off the cobwebs before the grim reaper comes knocking.

Expert Audio Interviews with 3 Top Marketers

Now you just need three case study audio MP3’s of experts in Blogging, Video and Audio to find out how they exploded their businesses in their areas of expertise.


#1 Video Expert

Mike Koenigs – Mike is the co-founder of Traffic Geyers, the web 2.0 and video syndication service and has been a consultant to Sony Entertainment, 3M, 20th Century Fox, Dominoes Pizza.

Running Time: 44 minutes


#2 Blogging Expert

Yaro Starak – Yaro is one of the most well known bloggers online today in the Internet Marketing world because of his incredible success with blogging. His $20-50k a month blogging empire is a perfect example of how blogging PAYS!

Running Time: 38 minutes


#3 Podcasting Expert

Scott Paton – Scott hosts the popular Internet Marketing Unleashed podcast series and recently had 150,000 downloads of one of his niche podcasts. He is the dean of blogonomics and podology – period!

Running Time: 54 minutes




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