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Fanpage Ad Secrets

By 2nd July 2015 2 Comments





The Simple, No Fluff Course That Teaches You How I Siphon Hoards Of Traffic From Facebook Ads To ANY Facebook Page!
Introducing… Fanpage Ad Secrets!
It gives me great pleasure to finally unlock my treasure chest and bring you my latest course on Facebook.
So many people have been asking me on how I get cheap, targeted traffic to my Facebook pages…and FINALLY I have decided to take the plunge and bring you this course where I show you just how POWERFUL my methods are in getting cheap traffic to your Facebook pages for just PENNIES!!!
Before anything else let me show you some PROOF on this system and how you can replicate my EXACT system and get thousands and thousands of Facebook “Likes” overnight without tearing your hair!
All of this traffic costs me just pennies!!
The beauty of this system is that it is powerful. You can literally start setting up a campaign today and start seeing a flood of new “Likes” onto your Facebook page!
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  • Profile photo of Ryan Ryan says:

    Hi Imran,
    I’ve just watched lesson 5 in your course and was confused as to why you initially made a bid within the suggested range, but then lowered that bid substantially? Wouldn’t this just result in your ad not being shown?

  • Profile photo of Admin Admin says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Good question.

    The answer is yes and no.

    As the ad starts at the normal bid, you can alter it during the campaign for which it will compete with others, however what i have found is that when i do that the ad continues to runs and i get cheap clicks. Sometimes the ad may not show depending on the competition. But there are many factors, language, location, interests, time, day, age, gender,

    Its all about trying testing and optimsing for which works for your business the best.

    I hope that helps


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